The hoodie is made of comfortable and soft fabric

This hooded jumper can be printed with a variety of digital patterns. Printing pattern is a way of printing design patterns on fabrics, which can use different dyes and printing processes to achieve a variety of different pattern effects. This technology can make hooded jumpers more personalized and unique, and different patterns can be selected according to personal preferences, such as animal, plant, geometric patterns, etc. Printing patterns can be achieved through digital design software or computer aided design to ensure accurate patterns and clear details. Printed patterns can make an all-polyester hooded jumper more stylish, fun and personal, adding to its appeal.

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We have the following ingredients: Cotton hooded jumper: is a pure cotton fabric is usually soft, comfortable, breathable, sweat absorption and other advantages. Since pure cotton fabric is a natural fiber, it will not produce static electricity, will not cause irritation to the skin, and will not cause skin allergies. Cotton pullover suitable for various occasions, can be worn in leisure, business, outdoor and other different occasions. Hoodies usually have the advantages of comfort, convenience and warmth. Since the fabric is soft, it helps keep the head warm, especially in cold weather. All-polyester hooded jumper: A hooded jumper made of all-polyester fabric. Full polyester refers to polyethylene terephthalate, which is a synthetic fiber. This fabric has many advantages, such as abrasion resistance, easy cleaning and quick drying. The design with a hat protects the head from the sun, rain or cold. This jumper provides extra warmth and protection, making it ideal for outdoor activities, sports or travel. It has a comfortable sense of wear and a stylish look that is both practical and stylish.


At the same time, imitation diamonds can be added to the pattern of clothes. It uses the hot drill process to insert shiny rhinestones into hats and jumpers, thereby adding highlights and a sense of fashion. The hot drill can be inlaid on the clothing in different shapes and patterns, such as stars, hearts, letters, etc., to make the clothing more unique and personalized. The droned hooded jumper is suitable as a casual or fashionable dress choice, and can be paired with a variety of trousers, skirts or sneakers to show your personal fashion taste. In addition, the hot diamond hooded jumper can also be used to match a variety of occasions, such as parties, gatherings or everyday wear, can show fashion and personality.

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