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Polo shirt is a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt, it has a common feature is with a collar and two or three buttons. Usually, Polo shirts are made of cotton or synthetic fiber materials, and it is also common to use webbing stripes.

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The Polo shirt was originally worn by tennis players in the 1930s, and today it has become a classic fashion choice, suitable not only for casual occasions, but also for formal occasions. The neckline of the Polo shirt can be opened or buttoned, depending on personal preference and occasion. It can be worn alone or with a coat, hoodie and other clothing. Polo shirt design is simple and generous, common with solid color, stripes, patterns and other options. It also often carries the logo of the brand, team logo or name, adding a personal fashion element. For men, Polo shirts can be paired with trousers or shorts to give people a clean and tidy feeling. For women, it can be worn with different styles such as skirts, shorts or jeans to show different styles and temperament. In short, the Polo shirt is a stylish and comfortable choice, suitable for various occasions to wear, its classic design and diverse choices make it one of the favorite of many people.

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